Network analysis

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This website is a supplement to Liz Fischer’s 2023 dissertation “Network Visualization and the Labor of Reference Work: Three Case Studies touching Medieval and Early-Modern Book History”

Much of the textual content of this project is not currently public online, as the dissertations has been embargoed pending publication as a book.

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Photograph of a page from a medieval manuscript, Harley 2253.

Digital Index of Middle English Verse

The Digital Index of Middle English Verse (DIMEV) is an online index of all known Middle English verse texts and the manuscripts that contain them. This case study explores the connections between texts and manuscripts in the DIMEV, showcasing the complex transmission histories of Middle English verse.

Photograph of a bust of Robert Cotton sitting in front of a glass-front bookcase.

Borrowers of the Cotton Library Manuscripts

Sir Robert Bruce Cotton (1571–1631) was an antiquarian and Member of Parliament in Elizabethan and Jacobean England, best known for his remarkable collection of manuscripts. This case study explores the early loan records of the Cotton collection, connection books and borrowers.

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Provenance of the Pforzheimer Library

In 1940, collector Carl H. Pforzheimer published a three-volume catalog of his library’s holdings titled “The Carl H. Pforzheimer Library: English Literature, 1475-1700.” This case study explores the provenance of his collection, and the contours of the early 20th-century American book trade.


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